Ovamba AI

Our investments are powered by OPRM™ (‘Ovamba Proprietary Risk Management’).  We embedded data points such as culture, region, inventory, market/economic data along with social and financial data  into algorithms.  These features plus other proprietary machine learning protocols produce a unique and accurate ‘Risk Score’ that informs and supports investment decisions, calculates NAV and pre-empts early warnings of a potential defaults. This Machine learning is fundamental to  every transaction we fund with investor capital.  Trust, transparency, and security at a click. 

Preventing Internal Fraud 

It is too late to act when the fraud has already occurred.  Our systems report in real time and are capable of providing video/data & geo positional tracking along with world class cybersecurity threat alerts and management features. 

Our solutions are modular 

Creating modular solutions means that clients can pick and choose a combination of solutions to meet their specific need.  It also means we are fast to build and deploy to meet business cycles.