Kola Business Manager


What is KBM

KBM is an ERP that provides SMEs with business management and financing solutions to accelerate their growth. Built by Kola SAS, a 100% Africa fintech company; to fit the African business ecosystem, KBM is one of the needed tools to foster SMEs growth.  This Partnership was paused on April 01, 2024.

Kola SAS and Ovamba Partnership

Kola SAS and Ovamba share the same vision about creating sustainable wealth and development. Therefore, this partnership came naturally. We believe that by creating a synergy in tools and services, SMEs growth will be accelerated.

KBM in Snapshot

KBM Key Features

Sales and Purchases

KBM provides a user-friendly interface for sales and purchases

Employee Management

Register your employees to track down their activities and customise their access as per their level of authority within your enterprise.

Multiple Point of Sales

Create multiple points of sales and manage all of  them from a single account.

Inventory Management

Keep a close eye to your inventory movements. 

Avoid running out of stock thanks to stock alerts.  

Transfer and track stocks between shops.


Create, update and send professional invoices in a click.

Statistics & Reports

Find out wherever you are in real time sales performances of the whole enterprise or per shop.