BVO is a division of the award winning FinTech Innovator, Ovamba Solutions, Inc.  Over the last 10 years Ovamba has fueled  small business growth with  its innovative SaaS solution, Growth-As-A Service™ (GaaS™).  Approximately a third of the entire portfolio of businesses who were funded by GaaS™ registered average growth rates of 450% over a 3-year period.

GaaS™ has quickly become essential to financial and non-financial institutions, government agencies, Central Banks DFIs, private investors etc. as a tool for supporting their mandates and impact goals for small business growth.

A prime tool to better service small businesses lies within Ovamba’s modular suite of growth and risk mitigation solutions.  It is clear from the African context that some digital offerings are often considered incomplete, ineffective or non-existent. As one of Africa’s early and most successful FinTech innovators, BVO has leveraged Ovamba’s development track record and deep experience to build and offer tailored services for partners wishing to drive financial inclusion and mitigate the risks associated with investing or financing businesses in challenging sectors and emerging markets. 

BVOcode is geared towards custom built solutions.

These solutions can be centralised or decentralized (blockchain).

BVOcode Services

Centralised Solutions

Blockchain Solutions

CashCollection®  is a SaaS solution meant for Microfinances and any other entity facing challenges in securing cash related activities.

CashCollection® supports the physical collection and recordation of cash, merchant revenues or business deposits to prevent loss and keep accounting in real-time.

CashCollection® Key Features