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Small and Medium Businesses need a supportive ecosystem to grow and thrive.  Caring about the success of businesses leads to a better future for families and society at large.  Closing the wealth gap starts with closing the digital gap and financial inclusion.  Emerging Market businesses who need capital for trade, importation, manufacturing and operations apply on Ovamba Plus™ mobile app to any of Ovamba's partner Banks for swift response and capital for inventory and importation.  Check out funding solutions and innovations to help your business scale up with the Pamoja™ Growth & Performance business tools!

OVAMBA’S solutions give small and medium businesses digital innovations designed to provide growth and profit. We combine capital and business performance tools into mobile apps to help you generate wealth with support and confidence.


Ovamba plus.png

Ovamba Plus™ App

'Fully Automated Access for
Customer Financing'


Pamoja™ Growth
& Performance Management

‘Together We are Stronger. We Build Wealth When We Collaborate’

Updated tracking system image copy.png

PanTrax GPS Asset Tracking

‘Protecting What your Value’

Tracking or logistics 2a copy.png

Pamoja Logistics & Inventory Management App

‘Digital Control of Your Stock & Inventory in the Palm of Your Hands’

GROWTH (1).jpg


‘The Digital Tools and Services to Grow As Fast As You Want’ 



‘Just the Right Amount of Inventory Storage When You Need It’

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