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Founding of Brij Lok Kala Foundation

Updated: May 17, 2022

Press Release

We are excited to announce the inception of the Brij Lok Kala Foundation (BLKF) on March 1, 2022. We founded BLKF with the mission of promoting Brij art and culture, and to provide a means of living for the artists. Brij art and culture is on the verge of extinction, and we want to play a vital role in making sure it is passed down to generations to come.

Guiding us to achieving this mission is our leadership team:

Viola A. Lewellyn President

Elisabetta Painta Secretary

Sumiran (Parul) Agarwal Founder & Treasurer

To help accelerate our goal, we are combining the beauty of Brij Kala and merging it with the latest blockchain technology through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). BLKF is launching its first collection of NFTs on the Proof of Art platform ( today, May 4, 2022. Through these NFTs, we will promote Brij Kala to a global audience who will recognize and appreciate its historic beauty. The message through this art form is to spread love & joy among fellow humans, an aspect that is sorely needed in these tough times.

BLKF’s associated entity in India is Brij Lok Kala Manch Samiti (BLKMS) which was founded in 1980 and formally registered as a Trust in May 2020.

Regarding the founding of BLKF, Sumiran Agarwal was excited to share the story behind the organisation’s inception:

Viola was a huge source of inspiration at the GBBC UNGA (Global Business BlockChain, United Nations General Assembly) conference in September 2021. During an NFT showcase, she wondered how we could take this technology to the artists in remote areas of Africa, and somehow, the concept dawned on me. When I met Vishnu Dutt Sharma in India, he requested to promote this art on an international platform to help artists who were impacted by the pandemic lockdowns. I still did not know exactly how to help them, and that is when Sandra Ro, founder of PoA Studios and CEO, GBBC told me, “Let the global village help your small village” and so the journey began. I cannot thank all of these ladies enough, who without blinking an eye, started this journey with me and are supporting the cause of this foundation.

To achieve our mission, the foundation will be promoting Brij Kala at an international level through various events and technology. We will also be identifying young people who are interested in preserving this heritage. We want to train these artists and give them an opportunity to learn and grow.


Viola Lewellyn (BLKF, President) – As Africa and other emerging markets strive to take their place on the global stage, we cannot leave behind the artists whose works sign post the presence and importance of culture. Art as an expression of the social narrative should not be underestimated. With NFTs and the increased monetization of art, we can create a place at the table whilst addressing this most common and important denominator of human equality - Artistic, monetized creativity. Long after we are gone, BLKF and the artists we promote will tell the story of who we were and provide economic uplift for generations to come.

Elisabetta Pianta (BLKF, Secretary) It's an honor and a privilege to be part of an organization that deeply cares about local traditions, women empowerment and values the life of every human being. Supporting this amazing project inspires me to be the best person I can be and contribute to a better world. I know it will be challenging at times, but I am also sure we will all support each other to overcome any obstacle.

Sandra Ro (Founder, PoA Studios) – PoA is honoured to partner with BLKF. The artists and team represent more than just art, dance, or geographic region. They represent the very best of human spirit, creativity & perseverance, proving the global village is stronger and better together.’

Vishnu Dutt Sharma (BLKMS, Founder and President) – On behalf of all the artists and people of these villages, I cannot thank all the people enough, especially Ms. Sandra Ro who has been so supportive and a source of inspiration to the women here in these villages. POA Studios, BLKF & GBBC have paved the way to fulfil my father’s dream to promote this art at an international level.

For more details, please visit the BLKF website at

NOTE: We will need boiler plate language for either OURSELVES or the companies we lead. Let us know which it should be.

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