‘Together We are Stronger. We build wealth when we collaborate’

A suite of combined ERP innovations that work together with a defined business philosophy of digital management that is designed to drive explosive growth for Frontier and Emerging Markets. Banks, Financial Institutions and Central Banks can interchange features on a plug and play basis to gain deep performance insights to enhance decision making and understand data as information for decision making.  Integrates easily with small and medium business customers via corresponding mobile apps.  Enterprises who are fully digital can connect output with productivity, measure effectiveness and, detect and prevent fraud on and off the enterprise premises.  Powerful audit trail capabilities in real-time make Pamoja™ a necessity in the digital age.  Pamoja™ includes:

Pamoja™ CRM

‘Empower your Teams to empower your Customers’

How do you know when your customers are their best?  When is the best time to offer additional services or graduate a customer to commercial bank products?  The smart AI engine in Pamoja™ takes the guess work out of customer relationship management and provides real time KPIs by which to understand your enterprise and your customer’s businesses.  The more you know, the better you can serve.

Pamoja™ HR

‘Human Capital Management that is maximized for the digital age’

A feature of the Pamoja™ suite of products that can integrate with existing HR and human capital systems to specifically measure and monitor productivity of teams working remotely or collaborating on projects and initiatives.  Managing effectiveness of teams and customers provides KPIs that drive the best decisions for enterprise-wide success and leads to better outcomes of transparency.

Pamoja™ Inventory & Logistics Management

'Digital Control of Your Stock & Inventory in the Palm of Your Hands’

You need space to grow...  and you need to be able to control your stock levels.  With Pamoja™ This mobile app analyses the rotation of your stock so that you can make the best decisions to meet your market.  Request Delivery from the port or warehouse to your final destination via the mobile app. Orders for more inventory are made at just the right time to maximize your profit.  Delivery and fulfillment is built into the app and lets you know the status of your business.  Running out of products is just as inefficient as having an overstock of products.  We keep your profits where they should be……under control.

Pamoja™ Inventory POS

‘Digital Stock control & Inventory Management’

We take customers into a new digital ‘peace of mind’ where long hours of stock control are a thing of the past.  With every point of sale transaction, stock levels are updated.  Information is now accurate and up to the minute.  Maintaining a balance sheet can be a challenge, especially for the informal sector.  This is a powerful step to financial inclusion!

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