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A New innovation in financing based on a long practiced, widely proven solution that aligns partnerships closely,  ethically and sustainably.  Emerging markets seeking trade enablement need transaction support and risk mitigation.  The Murabaha give Banks and funders unparalleled control of trade transactions from assuring payments to suppliers to managing the asset for the customer and the ultimate investor or bank.  Physical and legal custody of assets ensures that customer performance is managed for success, and the banks are able to reduce non-performing loan ratios. 

OVAMBA’S solutions combines Non-Interest Bearing (NIB) trade transactions with an alternative, proprietary Risk model and Shariya Compliant Contracts. This Murabaha ensures that Risk and Reward are balanced and equitable and meet AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions) standards. Capital ceases to be exposed to risk when assets can be managed and liquidated in the case of a failed transaction. Customers have control of cash flow and in the case of the informal sector, crippling debt is avoided. Ethical, fair, effective. Contact us today to see how this can work for your financial institution or market.




‘Select and Approve With Confidence’


NIB Lending & Transactions

‘Non-Interest Bearing Finance Solutions (Non Riba)’


NPL Strategies

‘Prevent and Recover from Non-
Performing Loans’

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Alternative / Proprietary Risk Management

‘Identify, Evaluate & Respond with the Right Digital Strategies’

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