Ovamba’s platform offers a fundamentally different approach to investing in Africa, combining modern technology with traditional cultural norms to offer investors sound and socially responsible opportunities.

13 – 18%

Average Return on Investment*

USD 1.25m

Average Investment by Institutions


Proven Success Record

We Make Investing in Africa Simple

Ovamba purchases of goods & inventory on behalf of SMEs. This gives Ovamba complete control of assets from the start of the funding application through to the final repayment of the transaction. Ovamba gives investors a fully collateralized investment opportunity. By doing this, Ovamba is able to reduce the risks traditionally associated with this market. Institutional Investors begin at 250,000 euro and have no upper limit.

The Ovamba Advantage

Understanding Africa

The Ovamba team combines global best practices and local on-the-ground knowledge. We do this by verifying each and every Ovamba transaction and using local cultural norms to enhance due diligence procedures.

Mobile first platform

The platform has been created with Africa’s entrepreneurs in mind. The application, decisioning, operation, and tracking processes are all designed to be done quickly and easily via the Ovamba Plus mobile application.

Track record

All of the Ovamba transactions are collateralized. Defaults at Ovamba have historically tracked at a rate of less than 4% across the entire portfolio. Applications for funding take less than 5 working days and funding terms are between 4 and 6 months.* Investors with Ovamba have seen great returns on a secured basis.

World Leading Security

We believe in protecting your business and your assets as if it was our own. Our priority is to protect you, your money and your information.

  Access & Encryption

Our data Security and Personal Information protection policies and programs are designed to prevent accidental or deliberate release of sensitive information. We employ a multitude of security measures to ensure that all personal and financial you share with us is completely safe and secure at all times.

  Auditing & Testing

We continually test our systems against a variety of threat scenarios; these tests are conduced by both external and internal teams using best practice in penetration testing. Our information security teams work continuously that the security controls in place are effective in protecting your sensitive information and your money.

  3rd Party Due Diligence

Ovamba conducts a detailed due diligence and review of our origination partners and service providers. This is a part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure that all elements of the Ovamba ecosystem have the same high standards for data security and client privacy.

  Personnel Standards

Ovamba further protects confidential information of clients by conducting due diligence and background checks on team members who access sensitive data. This background check, in conjunction with role based limits to data access significantly reduces the possibility of sensitive data being viewed or accessed by any unauthorised persons.

  24/7 Security System

Ovamba knows that money never sleeps and neither should the security that protects it. We work with world class service providers and have internal teams around the world dedicated to ensuring that your personal data is safe and secure no matter the day or time.

  Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Rules

We believe that any successful business relationship only comes when both sides know each other fully and are dedicated to the same goal. To this end, Ovamba has adapted OECD best practice in knowing our customers, our investors and their controlling stakeholders. We believe that when we understand both the source of wealth and the use of funds, we can design solutions that enhance your wealth while minimizing your risk, in addition to preventing any bad actors from either accessing or benefiting from your resources. We take this seriously and do not work with any client who cannot pass our stringent criteria.


S. African Rand

Money invested through Ovamba



Money invested through Ovamba


US Dollar

Money invested through Ovamba


  Euro 85,356

       Average Transaction Size


      Average Transaction-To-Valuation (TTV)


       Average return earned by investors

Transactions by Region as of Q4 2017

  Central Africa: Cameroon 98%
West Africa: Ivory Coast 2%

Returns Performance


Actual annual return to date

Estimated annual return to date

Realised (Principal repaid excluding defaults)













Build a Portfolio of High Yield Impact Investments

84% of Africa’s SMEs have little or no access to capital, leaving a $368 Billion Gap in financial needs.

  • Ovamba underwrites and pre-funds every transaction so that you can invest with confidence.
  • Ovamba Transactions are safer than loans / equity.
  • Ovamba does not Lend – we buy.
  1. This means that we take ownership in full of assets instead of taking a mortgage or lien. Enforcement in case of non-payments is therefore simplified.

  2. All transactions are executed at rates of 66% of the value of the liquidation value of the goods – providing significant security for investors (who have earned double digit Euro returns transactions).
  • Impact:
  1. To date, more than 120 jobs have been created in Central Africa as our SME clients have expanded.

  2. Women owned businesses have shown the highest rates of growth and we have become the preferred partner for many women owned businesses in Central Africa.




USD 25.15 Billion (2017)

Yearly Importation Value
West Africa






USD 109.0 Billion (2017)

Yearly Importation Value
Central Africa



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1. Ovamba identifies opportunities that align with an investor’s appetite for risk, investment size, industry, company profile etc.
2. Once final approval from the investor has been given on the terms and conditions of the capital exchange, money transfers from Ovamba to the customer.
3. Full due diligence is conducted and asset liquidation value ascertained before a transaction occurs.
4. Repayments to investors/lenders are automated through Ovamba. If a small business customer is unable to meet it’s obligations – the assets supporting the transaction will be sold.
5. Investors can monitor all investments throughout their life-cycle on Ovamba.

Yes. Investors place capital onto the platform via a Mauritius PCC structure and when Ovamba finds a suitable investment and the terms are agreed, the investors’ money moves from Ovamba to the customer.

While the average size of approved transactions is Euro 54,000 after our research and adjustments for asset value, many clients originally request an average of  Euro 80,000

The minimum investment amount varies by type of account:

• For Institutions – the minimum amount is Euro 50,000 (there is no maximum)
• For Retail / individuals – the minimum amount is Euro 500 except for those participating in our fractional buyer program where the minimum is as low as Euro 5

Ovamba’s SME clients operate primarily in the production, importation and distribution of Consumables, electronics, fast moving goods, non-perishables,  and automotive parts / components

Ovamba builds strategic partnerships with select local and international institutional investors via a variety of channels. Contact us to learn more.

To date, three institutional investors and local investors provide credit to SMEs directly on the Ovamba platform.
Local investors include local financial institutions. International investors include UK-based GLI Finance, Japan based –  CrowdCredit, and a number of high net worth private investors in the USA.

Investors can build a portfolio in two ways: 1) by investing in SMEs on the platform on a case-by-case basis (cherry picking), or 2) investing into Ovamba’s Protected Cell Company (“PCC”).
When investing directly, capital is held on the Ovamba platform and distributed to customers securely.
Upon launch, the PCC offers investors the same flexibility to specify risk criteria before deploying capital but, encouragingly to some, the day-to-day management is eliminated. Once an investor puts money into a tranche of the PCC, Ovamba leads the disbursement of capital to customers in line with the agreed risk profile.

Yes, the Ovamba PCC is a tiered Protected Cell Company that disburses capital to Ovamba customers within the criteria of the lender’s risk profile. Like a traditional fund, lenders do not specify which SMEs they want to lend to, instead the customers are chosen at the discretion of Ovamba.

Ovamba provides a secure and transparent platform for institutional investors to tap an underserviced credit market with minimal risk and a track record of high returns: returns historically trending at 13 – 18% net of fees. Note:  Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk. Please contact us to learn more

In 2015, Ovamba facilitated 86 transactions, totaling approximately Euro 5.3 million ($6 million / R100 Million). Transaction volume was up tenfold from 2014 figures.

Currently 4 customers have defaulted.

Customer repayments range from 90 days to one year.

Ovamba transactions are structured in such a manner that Ovamba takes ownership in the asset – which is then sold onward to the client.   Approved transactions are collateralised at 150+% of the principal amount of the transaction value. If a customer or co-guarantor fails to pay, Ovamba seizes the collateralised asset(s).

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