Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs! Ovamba has a suite of products and services which will help your business grow.

Key Statistics

Euro 110k

Average Size of Transaction

6 months

Average Tenure of Transaction

3 – 5 days

Speed of Initial Decision

Business Growth Made Simple

Ovamba processes and funds transactions via its secure mobile-first platform. We combine deep understanding of the needs of local businesses with digital expertise,
Ovamba’s competitive fees reflect a fair understanding of risk.

Fast, Reliable Service

Ovamba guarantees an initial decision within 3-5 days* and if approved, will facilitate payment to your supplier within three banking business days.

*pending receipt of all documents and that all conditions are met

Fair, Personalised Fees

Ovamba rewards its repeat customers with lower fees and offers highly competitive rates to those businesses that meet the requirements.

Mobile First and Customized for you

Ovamba’s mission is to be fast, transparent and supportive of customers and their goals for business growth. Products and services are customized to their business needs, cash flow and growth plans. All of this is available via mobile phone.

We’ve reinvented the way you pay for inventory and business assets and put the power in your hands.

Goodbye, paperwork!

Automatically upload your details about your inventory purchases and company financial information to Ovamba to save time and improve accuracy. Get an intelligent, solution tailored to your business reality. Upon approval, Ovamba will purchase your inventory or asset. You can be guaranteed of Ovamba’s long term support as you grow your business.

Indicative Term Sheet

The term sheet below shows costs for a variety of transactions for high quality clients

Type Of Transaction

Type of Asset

Risk Based Fees

Low Risk


Medium Risk


Repurchase Agreement


1 – 2%

2 – 3%

Fixed Assets

1.5 – 2.5%

3 – 5%

Real Estate

1 – 3%

3 – 5%

Trade Sale




1.5 – 5%



Ovamba customers are micro, small and medium size enterprises seeking access to the assets needed to grow their business. Every customer must meet our criteria and pass detailed background check prior to us helping you grow.

After a potential customer completes the online application Ovamba uses its proprietary platform to compose a risk profile.

Ovamba verifies that an applicant’s physical assets to be used as collateral exist.

All prospective customers are invited for an in-person appraisal to confirm that all details outlined in the customer’s application are true.

Certain food and beverage (pork products and alcohol), gambling, interest based financial firms, adult entertainment, arms and tobacco are amongest the industries prohibited.

Ovamba does not accept customers that operate in the speculative property development sector nor do we work with companies owed / controlled by politically exposed persons (e.g. politicians or immediate family of political figures).

Customers apply directly for help in purchasing assets/inventory on the Ovamba website. Ovamba’s risk team conducts due diligence and determines what goods/assets can be safely purchased and what fee should be charged for this service. Customers are guaranteed a decision within 3 – 5 days and if the application is successful, can get their goods paid for within 48 hours of final due diligence checks and approval with their suppliers.

No but the average ranges from 1% to 2% per month. Ovamba does not charge interest. We are not a bank. We buy assets / inventory on your behalf and sell to you at a price that includes our fee for the purchase, warehousing, safekeeping, and logistics of the goods we purchased. Our fees ares determined during the due diligence process against the perceived risk profile of the business and from the application. The rate is only made visible to the customer once their application has been approved.

Each application is customised to meet the demands of the customer, but an average repayment period is six months.

Customers use Ovamba’s TradePartner® service, which helps customers purchase from their suppliers fast moving consumer goods critical to their business into their home country. Ovamba also pays customs clearance fees for clients.

Ovamba has introduced a rewards programme called the ‘Ovamba Premier League’, which gives repeat customers discounted fees based on the number of additional customers they refer.

  • A customer must satisfy the following conditions:
    • Must have a 0% default rate as an Ovamba customer and refer three new customers that pass the due diligence process.
    • New customers must complete their first Ovamba transaction without default then successfully refer three new customers, as required of existing Ovamba users.
  • Once in the Premier League, customers are eligible for:
    • Repayment terms up to one year.
    • Funding up to approximately €1.29M (850M CFA)
    • Reduced initiation fee of 1.75% of transaction value.

We are a service provider involved in importation and transport. Ovamba has helped us increase our running capital as well as the volume of our activities. We would like to thank Ovamba for its presence…

Mr. Tachago Tagne Valerie

CEO, Tval Company Limited

We deal with foreign manufacturers producing paint which we sell in Cameroon. Before we found Ovamba Solutions we had serious problems acquiring stock, but now thanks to Ovamba’s funding our dreams are becoming a reality. Ovamba is the solution for your business.
Thank you Ovamba!

Mrs Peka Doloris

MD, Sajep

We are an SME which deals with the distribution of electric materials, a domain which requires a huge fund mobilisation in order to meet increasing demand. As such, the assistance provided by Ovamba enabled me to increase our stock, our client portfolio and strengthen collaboration with my supplier.

Philomon Nonze Fogang

CEO, Getras Sarl (General Trading and Services)

By granting funding, Ovamba offers…SMEs a reason to hope, and sets them on the path to economic growth. With its assistance we have increased activity which has contributed significantly to achieving our goals.

Mr Mbionyi Dieudonné

General Manager of Société Royaume des Vitres

Managing a company… is not easy. Having searched for a funding solution for a long time I finally found Ovamba. After only one week Ovamba provided the funds needed to pay my suppliers and obtain my products. Ovamba is a perfect solution for business people…

Mr. Tchassi

Founder and CEO, International Tchasluc Company Limited

As a service provider to the telecoms industry we manage cash intensive logistics including accommodation, transport, and staff allowances on a daily basis. Thanks to Ovamba we were able to finance a project in Chad in record time. We were very impressed with the speed of Ovamba, in only 10 days the funds were in our account and we could get the project moving.

Peter Metambi

CEO/GM, Alpha Engineering Company Limited