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Central Banks have the challenge of balancing growth, liquidity and policy controls with market dynamics, fiscal responsiveness and fast paced innovation.  Boosting economic growth and GDP lies with supporting the private sector, especially the informal sector.  Optimizing domestic and international trade, designing policy to drive integration and building financial depth is complex and crucial.  Reaching the far reaches of an economy requires transparency, reliable data, context and willing partnerships to operate with you across shared platforms.  This requires a digital, integrated platform.  One that supports policy development, measures effectiveness, incorporates alternative data and feedback from aligned stakeholders within the private sector. 

OVAMBA’S innovations for Central Banks form a technology and innovation bridge that support policy development and help provide context from the various formats and sources of data inputs from throughout the economy.  With a single dashboard point of access the Central Bank can see and measure policy and economic effectiveness especially amongst the underserved, informal and financially excluded members of the business population.  The dashboards aggregate trade & activity, lending, financing and deposit flows of micro, small and medium businesses as an effective way to  track and trace flows of capital tied to the sale of inventory throughout these industries and sectors.  With these tools, Central Banks can encourage and support increased lending and financial inclusion to the most viable sectors of GDP growth and employment whilst simultaneously managing non-performing loans downwards.

Pamoja Performance Management Dashboards™ for Central Banks are a technology and innovation bridge that support policy development and drive financial inclusion.  Single point access dashboards to reflect real impact of policy and financial inclusion help Central Banks to design and select the best solutions to support private sector growth through trade finance, manufacturing and innovation.


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Pamoja™ Performance Management Dashboard

'A Single Point of Access to See the Impact of Policy on SMEs'


NIB Lending & Transactions

‘Non-Interest Bearing Finance Solutions (Non Riba)’


NPL Strategies

‘Prevent and Recover from Non-
Performing Loans’


Sandbox Development

‘Explore Technology, Model Your Impacts and Outcomes’

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