The government of Burkina Faso will invest 36 billion CFA in New Information and Communication Technologies.

This infrastructural project of about 36.5 billion CFAF is the very first in Francophone Africa.  It will be realised by the Alcatel-Lucent Danish society. It is expected to boost economic growth and develop digital public services for citizens. According to Alfred Sawadogo, General Manager of the National Promotion Agency of Information Technology and project manager, ‘cloud governmental will enable the administration to mutualise its resources and rationalise its operations’’.


Such governmental initiatives are very important in such a country with a high illiteracy percentage. Although Africa is still behind regarding internet access, there is an awareness of the crucial need for Information Technologies in order to be competitive at the global scale.

Ovamba, a highly technological peer-to-peer financial platform operating in Africa greatly contributes in innovating the use of technology for financial service delivery. They are faster with their technology than those of traditional financial institutions.