Real Estate Startup Sets Trend in Cameroon

Lamudi ( is a digital platform which has been operating for a year. It directly links landlords and prospective tenants as well as sellers and potential real estate buyers throughout the country.  According to, the platform has more than 3000 detailed announcements with pictures that showcase the property for rent or for sale.  Interested candidates through these services can obtain what they want by simply clicking and browsing through the various items on display.

Lamudi is revolutionizing the real estate industry in Cameroon, as the process of buying or renting a house has become democratized and accessible.  With Lamudi’s impressive platform, sellers don’t need real estate agents, who are often considered as obstacles during transactions. The seller can directly post their product on the platform upon registration. This innovative website simplifies the search for personal and commercial property.  It also reduces the expenses incurred during the search.

Online businesses are expanding across Africa, including within Cameroon, for they possess undeniable advantages. They are able to build efficient processes, reduce expenses and costs. In this era of technology, the ability to deliver quality services fast will differentiate businesses.  Ovamba, a technological platform providing financial services online in CEMAC with operations in Cameroon, is also characterized by high speed. They have partnered with several businesses, helping them to obtain capital in less than a week.