Pushing the Way Forward for Technology & Scientific Innovation – Ovamba COO invited to the Royal Society, London, UK

Ovamba’s Chief Operations Officer, Viola Llewellyn will participate at the “Pioneering STEM in Africa 2015 Summit” hosted by Konnect2Africa Ltd [K2A] in the UK. The event will take place from the 3rd to the 4th of December 2015 at The Royal Society in London, a prominent and prestigious venue where major important scientific events are organized. STEM simply means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.

According to the konnect2Africa, This event aims to bring Africa to the forefront of the minds of investors when it comes to STEM. It will address key topics in advancing STEM and technical education in Africa through the collaboration of industry, educators and policy makers.  Key themes to be covered include the role of schools, colleges, and universities in developing STEM; careers and skills development; and international perspectives, research and initiatives”.

Among the Media partners are Developing Telecoms, THE TIMES OF AFRICA, and African Business Central (“ABC”).  Alongside to speak with Viola Llewellyn will be high profile names such as fellow Cameroonian Ms. Irene Tamajong, Director AIMS NEI UK, Dr. Sheriff Alabi, consultant at African Development Bank and Chairman of TAG, Dr. Sue Black Tech Evangelist, and many others. (Details of the panel and event can be found at https://k2africa.com/index.php/picks/events/technology/details/27)

About her participation in the summit, Viola Llewellyn explained, “Since becoming an active member of the Board of Trustees of the International Women’s Think Tank (www.IWThink.Tank.org) in 2013, I have come to believe that the traditional image of STEM disciplines is up for challenge and scrutiny.”  She also added: “The whole world, Africa in particular needs to revise the old notions of dusty chemistry labs and conceptual theories.  Science is all around us and the next generation will shape their world through the lens of technical innovation to meet challenges and solve world problems



Ovamba is a US based financial services technology company founded by Marvin R. R. Cole and Viola A. Llewellyn in early 2013.  Ovamba launched in June 2014 in Douala, Cameroon. Ovamba’s internet based platform allows accredited and institutional investors seeking liquidity from investment in African debt to invest in high quality, well-vetted small business loans and other assets from African financial institutions. Ovamba currently in Cameroon has plans in the near future to offer similar services in the Economic Community of Central African States market.  Longer-term expansion plans include other regions of Africa and additional products. Ovamba is led by a management team with deep experience in banking, technology and banking advisory from firms such as McKinsey & Co, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, National Commercial Bank, Rothschild, Unisys and many others. www.Ovamba.com

About Konnect2Africa:

Konnect2Africa Ltd [K2A] is a UK based company with the development of Africa at the forefront of its existence. They organize Senior level summits and High Profile Business Events. They focus on the sectors in African economies that require investment to grow. They work closely with government officials, experienced companies, and regulators to make it easier for investors to navigate the African business landscape. Their events bring together people of action who can change the future of Africa by making deals and partnerships and cover the following sectors: Agriculture, Infrastructure, Insurance, Entertainment, Pension, Energy, Technology and Tourism.

For more information on Konnect2Africa, go to https://k2africa.com/

About The International Women’s Think Tank:

As a think tank Their mission is to be an “ideas organization” Promoting Research, Critical Thinking and Innovative Solutions on issues related to Women and Girls. They encourage the discovery of solutions to problems, and facilitate interaction in pursuit of these goals. The ITTW works to stay on the cutting edge of issues and will continue to meet and bring inspired people together in order to provide current updates about issues related to women and girls.

For more information about the IWTT, go to https://www.iwthinktank.org/#!about/cnyk

Sources : https://k2africa.com/index.php/page/topic/about-us