Ovamba’s Participation at Springboard’s First African-Nordic Pre-Conference

Ovamba’s Participation at Springboard’s First African-Nordic Pre-Conference

Ovamba was at Springboard’s African-Nordic pre-conference last week in Helsinki, Finland.  Springboard, the Finnish based African-Nordic business development and investment advisory firm organized the “pre-conference” in anticipation of its wider Conference which is scheduled for May 2017. The pre-conference was organized for a select audience and presenters.


The “AFRICA INNOVATES” private conference took place on September 22 in Helsinki, Finland. Viola Llewellyn, Ovamba’s Co-Founder and President delivered an overview of how Ovamba is supporting businesses in Africa.


Ms. Llewellyn was also on a panel along with Sinikka Antila, Finnish Ambassador for Trade and Development, Artem Gurevich, Chief of Staff at RENDEAVOUR (real estate developer in Africa), and Saku Tuominen, renowned Finnish Founder & Creative Director of HundrED, an innovative k – 12 education specialist.  The panel was moderated by Jussi Hinkkanen, CEO, Technology Management, Strategy and Corporate Relations Expert.


The conference focused on how the rise of new technology and the growing population of young Africans has dramatically enhanced development by stimulating trade and entrepreneurship on the continent.  Ms. Llewellyn enlightened the conference attendees on how Nordic investors and businesses can partner with Africa’s SMEs. What resulted from the Ovamba presentation was that the Finnish have a clear and growing interest in private sector engagement with African businesses. Indications are strong that there is an increasing appetite to duplicate recent successes as experienced by investors from Japan, China and the Middle East.  A platform like Ovamba’s represents a gateway to entire regions and zones of the African economy for the entire Nordic region (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland).


With continued engagement, Ovamba expects to help Springboard to assist the Finnish investment/partnership stakeholders with taking their first steps into private sector African business.

“Springboard is an independent company of specialists offering a range of business-to-business services. We advise clients – both African and Nordic – on strategic decisions which have implications for business development and investment opportunities. We bring together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills. The depth of our expertise allows us to take on complex and strategic projects in Africa. Our clients trust us to help realize their visions.

For more information, please visit https://www.springboard.fi”