Ovamba’s New Slogan!

The growth of the Ovamba business has brought a wave of changes.  Among them, is the updating of the company slogan from “Africa’s Debt Marketplace” to “Funding African Businesses.” According to Ovamba Management, the latter better fits the company vision.

The increase of the popularity of the Sharia compliant Ovamba Trade Partner product has highlighted the negative connotation behind the concept of debt.  Since the portfolio of customers and investors encompasses people from different countries, backgrounds and religions, there was a need for a slogan that could consider the Pan African vision of Ovamba.

Ovamba believes in Africa economies and therefore is working hand in hand with investors globally to provide crucial financing to businesses in Africa.  Are you an investor?  Ovamba is a secured, online, marketplace lending platform able to provide you certified data on productive sectors, different types of products and a great returns on your investment.  Are you a business in need of financing?  Ovamba is here for you with an efficient process that enables funding at speeds much faster than classical banks.  Ovamba, “FUNDING AFRICAN BUSINESSES”.


Ovamba is a US based financial services technology company.  Marvin R. R. Cole and Viola A. Llewellyn founded Ovamba in early 2013.  Ovamba launched in June 2014 in Douala, Cameroon. Ovamba’s internet based platform allows accredited and institutional investors seeking liquidity from investment in African debt to invest in high quality, well-vetted small business loans and other assets from African financial institutions. Ovamba currently originates loans in Cameroon with plans in the near future to offer similar services in the Economic Community of Central African States market.  Longer-term expansion plans include other regions of Africa and additional loan and investment products. Ovamba is led by a management team with deep experience in banking, technology and banking advisory from firms such as Mckinsey & Co, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, National Commercial Bank, Rothschild, Unisys and many others. www.Ovamba.com


Bianca Lee

Marketing Director

Ovamba Solutions, Inc.

US Cell#:  +1 917 855 7847

Cameroon Cell#: +237 671 038 183

Email:  Bianca.lee@Ovamba.com