Ovamba: Pioneering Peer to Peer Lending in CEMAC

Ovamba Solutions Inc. is a peer to peer lending platform which is based in the United States with operations in CEMAC zone and South Africa. Peer to Peer can be simply defined as the ability to carry out financial transactions from one person (investor or lender) to another, without the intermediary of a traditional financial institution.

Concerning the operating model of Ovamba, Viola Llewellyn, Chief Operations Officer (COO), declares: “Ovamba does not lend money, but acts as a mediator between borrowers and investors. The platform proposes its expertise to evaluate borrowers and investors through its application and processes between 48 hours and a week.  The transactions amounts are between 3000 and 100.000 euros refundable within three to six months. Ovamba collects data from a mixed environment, making possible to include/understand users for services and prices to be adapted to the demand.  The estimated data also make easier to invest according to the most promising sectors.”

Since its creation, Ovamba has helped close to a hundred businesses, with transactions of worth Billions of FCFA. Longer-term expansion plans include other regions of Africa as well as additional products. Ovamba is led by a management team with deep experience in banking, technology and banking advisory from firms such as McKinsey & Co, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, National Commercial Bank, Rothschild, Unisys and many others.

Visit www.ovamba.com for more information.  SMS 8002 (from within Cameroon) to be contacted by an Ovamba representative.