Ovamba Attended AGF/GICAM Conference

Ovamba was guest to a conference hosted by GICAM (Groupement Interpatronal du Cameroun) and Africa Guarantee Fund (AGF) on November 11 2015, under the slogan “One great idea at a time” in collaboration with African Guarantee Fund.  The general objective was to exchange the useful mechanisms on how to help reduce difficulties faced by SMEs.

SMEs are the greatest channels by which jobs are created. 405 million jobs have been created in developing countries but the chain is usually broken between financial institutions and SMEs. This is sufficient reason for an assembly of platforms like African Guarantee Fund, Ovamba, amongst others to discuss and find investment solutions and opportunities to assist the growth of SMEs and therefore their creation of jobs.

Among the panel of speakers were the AGF President of Board Directors, Jean Marie Louis Mbarga, CEO of APME (Small and Medium Size enterprises Promotion Agency), and Executive Secretary General of GICAM Alain Blaise Batongue.


AGF was officially launched on June 2nd, 2012, in Arusha, Tanzania, by Dr. Donald Kaberuka, the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), which together with the governments of Denmark (through Danida) and Spain (through aecid), are the founding shareholders.
AGF’s key mandate is to assist financial institutions increase their financing to African Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) through the provision of partial financial guarantees and capacity development assistance. AGF has already succeeded in providing 3 billion for SMEs, and 200,000 employments.


Ovamba is a US based financial services technology company founded by Marvin R. R. Cole and Viola A. Llewellyn in early 2013.  Ovamba launched in June 2014 in Douala, Cameroon. Ovamba’s internet based platform allows accredited and institutional investors seeking liquidity from investment in African debt to invest in high quality, well-vetted small business loans and other assets from African financial institutions. Ovamba currently in Cameroon has plans in the near future to offer similar services in the Economic Community of Central African States market.  Longer-term expansion plans include other regions of Africa and additional products. Ovamba is led by a management team with deep experience in banking, technology and banking advisory from firms such as Mckinsey & Co, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, National Commercial Bank, Rothschild, Unisys and many others. www.Ovamba.com

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