Orchard publishes a recap chart for 2015

Orchard is a major actor in online lending place. Orchard platform Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer, David Snitkof recently released a graph picturing the growth of marketplace lending in 2015. https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2015/12/79472-orchard-shares-most-interesting-charts-of-2015/


According to David Snitkof, there have been improvements in every sectors from loan issuance to capital flow. Borrowers and lenders are now directly connected. Participants are now numerous and key funders are entering the marketplace. “On the investment side, the breadth of participants continues to grow, with new fund structures and the entrance of some seriously blue-chip names”, David added.

OVAMBA, online peer-to-peer platform, has been included in the Orchard database last year. Ovamba matches global investors to credit worthy borrower especially SMEs, issuing short term financial transactions to help them grow their businesses. The Ovamba online application “Borrow in Africa” makes the transaction process faster than the traditional banking systems.

Source: https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2015/12/79472-orchard-shares-most-interesting-charts-of-2015/