New P2P Platforms Emerge in Europe

Interesting platforms and products have been brought forth in Europe this year.  Among them, we have Smartika, the biggest P2P lending platform in Italy which operates as a licensed and fully regulated payment institution.  Outlier Ventures Ltd on its part has launched, a “decentralized peer-to-peer lending app that allow people to mimic credit unions”, enabling people to borrow and lend money.

According to Maurizio Sella, CEO of Smatika, the platform is not well developed compared to other European countries, but its growth potential is promising.

MoneyCycle on its part declares that there are more than 6 million people who are actually indebted and 9 million who have no deposit account in UK. However, MoneyCycle considers itself as the ultimate solution to these problems, basing its offering on social lending and fair rates.

This year has also been very significant for Ovamba. New products have been devised  like the Sharia Compliant trade partner product for Muslims and Ovamba Premier League program for loyal customers.  Another remarkable accomplishment worth mentioning is the creation of the mobile app Borrow in Africa, which makes it even more convenient to apply for an Ovamba transaction.  Visit for more information or to apply for funding.