Kaixindai Partners with MFI on Investment Experience Area

Kaixindai, the Jiangsu province-based P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platform, has partnered with Nantong Hongxin Microloan Company to open its first investor experience area.  The area locates inside Hongxin’s store, showing Kaixindai’s business and product information to investors.  Hongxin’s account manager will explain to investors the process of investing.  Computers are also available for investors to experience.  Kaixindai selected Hongxin as its partner based on industry-wide big data.  More offline service of similar kind will be developed in the future.

Only enhancing online experience for investors is not enough for Internet finance.  Offline, face-to-face service also matters.  Some Internet finance platforms have opened offline experience stores, which at the same time causes an increase in costs. Kaixindai opens its experience area in its partner MFI’s store, which not only makes better use of the MFI’s existing resources, but also bring some Internet finance elements to the MFI, which are helpful for the MFI’s business innovation.

Ovamba relies on its partners to acquire borrowers. Ovamba will consider opening similar experience areas in its partners’ stores in the future.

Source: https://www.gkkxd.com/cms/index/mediaReport/1443.html