Four African Countries Among World’s Top 10 for Entrepreneurs

Uganda, Cameroon, Angola and Botswana are the four African countries belonging to the world’s top 10, according to the classification established by the British group “Approved India”. However the United States, quoted in the example for its liberal model, supporting free enterprise, is not the country the highest number of entrepreneurs on the adult population.

The report is based on results of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – 2014. Cameroon counts 13.7% of self-employed workers of its adult population, including many people who find themselves in the industry services of the food products.

The first country in the world is in Africa: Uganda.  More than the quarter of the population, that is to say 28.1% of Ugandans, are entrepreneurs.  The second African in this classification, Cameroon, is at the 4th place countries, behind Brazil (3rd);  but in front Vietnam (5th), Angola (6th) and Botswana (8th).

Ovamba was created to help bolster Africa’s entrepreneurs by building a system where investors anywhere in the world can find and support great African businesses through both Islamic compliant and traditional investment vehicles.   By giving our investors an average of 9-14% returns on their capital annually – net of all fees and costs – we’ve significantly increased the amount of capital available to African entrepreneurs and business owners in the countries where we operate and lead to major job creation.

The global CEO – Marvin Cole stated – “This confirms what we already know – Africa is a place of deep entrepreneurship and deep complexity; however as local experts who have invested millions into African businesses with a less than 1% loss / default rate – we know that these entrepreneurs are often world class though they are often not recognized as such”.