Eximbank China Loan Makes Optical Fiber Project in Cameroon Effective

Eximbank of China allocated a “preferential loan” of 198.9 Billion FCFA for funding the construction of the Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System (NCSCS) optical fiber. Managed by Cameroon Telecommunications Corporation (CAMTEL), the infrastructure will position Cameroon as a turning point of the bandwidth delivering 12.8 Tbps in the region.

According to Invest in Cameroon, https://www.investiraucameroun.com Huawei marine networks announces installation of 1100 km of optical fiber to which 914 km will be added to interconnect to Congo Brazzaville and Central African Republic. Through the National Broadband Network, the Cameroon Telecommunications Corporation (Camtel) will offer the Triple play (television, telephone and internet).

Since technology is very crucial in this era of globalization, such investments are very good news. As a technological platform, OVAMBA also relies on a good connectivity to provide its services with speed and efficiency, for these are criteria making Ovamba different from traditional financial institutions.

Sources: https://www.investiraucameroun.com/telecom/0211-6848-eximbank-china-accorde-un-pret-de-198-9-milliards-fcfa-au-cameroun-pour-deployer-la-fibre-optique