Eric V. Guichard

Eric V. Guichard, CEO of Homestrings Joins Ovamba’s Advisory Board

Ovamba has announced that Eric V. Guichard, Chairman and CEO of Gravitas Capital and Founding CEO of Homestrings (US) has joined Ovamba’s Advisory Board.  His newly accepted position on the Board is effective as of 13th August 2019.

Before founding Gravitas Capital and Homestrings, Mr. Guichard was at the World Bank for 6 years managing several Treasury Department liquidity portfolios.  He also strategized and provided technical support to the central banks of the World Bank’s member countries.  Mr. Guichard’s career has further been distinguished by his advisory services and expertise which he has leant to corporations that required “turn arounds” and restructuring of operations and Boards of Directors.

In the arena of Diaspora investment and emerging markets, Eric Guichard is respected for making investment models accessible to Africans abroad and influencing regulators to create policies that will engage and boost investment from these groups.  Both co-founders of Ovamba have often remarked on the complimentary impact of Ovamba and Homestrings on SME finance.

Robert Sheahan, long time Board member and Senior Advisor to Ovamba said, “We are really pleased to have Eric on board.  He brings deep insights into the challenges and the role that central banks play in transforming economies.  Social Impact requires robust support to drive change”.  Mr. Guichard echoed the sentiment and stated, “I am happy to be joining an elite team destined to do great things in the all-important SME finance space.  I think Ovamba has a unique and transformative model, and I hope to contribute substantively to its growth.”

Mr. Guichard is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and institutional investment professional. He has an MBA from Harvard University and earned his BSBA degree in Business Administration from Duquesne University.  He is a sought-after consultant and respected expert in strategic policy implementation and alternative finance.   His family are from the United States and Guinea.  He spends his time between Europe and the USA.

About Homestrings

Homestrings (US) ( is a leading diaspora investment advisory platform. Between 2011 and 2017, Homestrings launched and managed an innovative diaspora crowdfunding platform for which it won several awards, including “Financier of the Year” in 2014. Since then, Homestrings has advised sovereigns, multilateral organizations and banks on diaspora fundraising strategies and products, including global diaspora bonds.

About Gravitas Capital Advisors

Gravitas Capital Advisors, Inc. ( is a consulting boutique based in Washington, D.C. with satellite presence in London.  Gravitas designs and manages innovative solutions for Sovereign and Global institutional investors.

About Ovamba

Ovamba ( is an award winning African “TradeTech” company that creates culturally attuned technologies to help commercial and central banks serve formal and informal African SMEs in the trade & commodities sectors.  Ovamba’s solutions combine innovative Sharia compliant structures with eCommerce, logistics services, and technology to drive financial inclusion and promote growth.  Ovamba’s  mobile app ‘Ovamba Plus’ is available from Google App Store.