Enterprises of Cameroon organizes 4th Edition PMExchange

Cameroon’s minister of Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa opened in Douala on Saturday 5 December 2015 the 4th edition of the PMExchange. This gathering of small and medium sized enterprises was organized by Ecam (Enterprises of Cameroun), which is an association bringing together SMEs and some multinationals, focusing on the development and promotion of their members. According to the organizing committee, the event this year witnessed the participation of more than 150 exhibitors amongst whom French and Moroccan companies. The event which ended on December 9, 2015 was marked by exhibition trade fairs, thematic workshops and Business to Business meetings among economic operators.

According to, this year’s event has as theme “SME, creator of jobs and a crucible of innovation”. Another innovation at this year’s event was the introduction of a prize challenge for innovation dubbed GRAND PRIX DE L’INNOVATION-PMEXCHANGE 2015 opened to entrepreneurs in all fields. According to, this competition aims at “promoting entrepreneurship in local youth” and “providing the prize winners with financial assistance and business mentoring”.

Lucien Ntamag Mahop, General Manager of ECAM (Enterprises du Cameroun) states that 80% of enterprise last less than two years. This means after two years,

8 businesses out of 10 will close. As a remedy, development partners of Cameroon have set up several organisms for SME’s guidance. Ovamba has also been very active in SMEs events promotion and guidance throughout the year. Ovamba works hand in hand with foreign investors to provide finances for SMEs, for them not only to live longer but also to move from small to Medium, and from Medium to Large enterprise.