Credit Ease Includes Global P2P Products in Overseas Asset Management Offerings

Credit Ease has selected quality fixed income assets, including consumer loans and SME loans, from prominent Peer to Peer lending (P2P) platforms in the US, Australia and the UK, for its investors. This cross-country, multi-currency asset allocation effectively diversifies risks for Chinese investors.  Few institutions in China have touched this kind of investment product.  Robust economic recovery, as well as clearly defined regulations has made P2P companies in those countries popular to investors.

Ovamba views this as a positive event – and believes that eventually there will be significant opportunities for Chinese capital to assist in financing African entrepreneurs.

“Creditease is one of the leading firms in our industry globally; they are clearly showing the way by moving away from single geography, single currency risk to giving investors in what will be the world’s largest economy an opportunity to diversity their investment options and further bring China into the global financial community. I know many of their people and their high standards for intelligence, integrity and innovation make me confident that this will be a tremendous success.” said Marvin Cole – Ovamba’s Global CEO.