Chinese companies to recruit more nationals in Equatorial Guinea


In a television program, Heriberto Meco Mbengono, Labour minister of Equatorial Guinea, insisted on behalf of the government that Chinese companies should comply with the Labor Code by employing jobless nationals.

According to Cameroon Tribune, “Equatorial Guinea has lost 58% of its petroleum revenue in the fiscal year 2015 due to fall in the prices of fuel in the world market”.

The situation has consequently rendered many jobless, causing several enterprises to either slow down activities or close.

Compliance with the laws of the land is very important, reason why Ovamba surrounds itself with the best magistrates in countries where they expand. With a staff of approximately forty people, more than 80% are nationals. Ovamba highly believes in training and upgrading nationals to global standards of professionalism and competitiveness.

Sources: Cameroon Tribune