China and United States to organize Credit Conference

The State of San Francisco will be opening its doors to Sync United States International (Chi Mei International), a bilateral “resource” created to foster internet finance enterprises. This is the first international conference ever hosted by this company. Fintech leaders will gather at the Credit Conference on January 27th & 28th to discuss possible collaboration and cross-border investments. Industry representatives from the two world’s economies, China and United States will be key speakers to this great conference With over 2600 online lending platforms, China is the largest peer to peer lending market in the world.

On the other hand, the United States (world’s second largest market place lender), has evolved into a dynamic financial service with both individual and institutional investors participating in what many deem as the future of credit. Event organizers hold that, “Some Chinese platforms and financial institutions are “heavily funded” and are actively seeking partners from United States to “co-exploit the huge China market.” Most likely they are looking to expand their brand and services beyond their domestic borders.” Among other representative speakers during this conference will be Ning Tang, founder and CEO of CreditEase. CreditEase reportedly partnered with US-based Wellington Management in April 2015 to invest in early stage companies. Many of such internet conglomerate have invested in other countries and continent.

Looking at the growth trend in peer to peer lending platform in China, US and Asia, Africans are still getting to know Peer to Peer lending. Ovamba, a global platform present in is the CEMAC, is actually pioneering P2P lending in Africa, offering a viable to businesses finding difficulties to obtain loans from banks and microfinances.