Africa: The Future for Impact Investing

Due to ignorance and media, investors have always viewed Africa as a place of disorder, political instability and chaos.  However, Africa possesses potential, resources and manpower. Africans are creative and hardworking; this is confirmed by a classification given by the British group “Approved India”, placing four African countries among world’s Top 10 for entrepreneurs. Africa is in need of investors willing to boost its economy and middle class.

According to Ventureburn,, “44 percent of its population in 2006 was 15 or younger — and members of the millennial generation synonymous with innovation — making Sub-Saharan Africa the youngest region in the world.

And this youth population is eager for opportunities — but without sufficient food or access to education, they can’t seize them. Instead, civil unrest only proliferates, furthering economic turmoil, the cycle of poverty, and the divide between countries with and without Internet access.”

In a region where almost half of the population is young, Ovamba has identified the potentials and capacities of the African youth, and has made its top priority to participate in their development. Ovamba is working hand in hand with global investors to raise entrepreneurs of SMEs up to competitive standards, empowering them with finances and capital they need to materialize their business ideas.