Press Release

Douala, 15th of September 2016

Ovamba!  Get Additional Funding to Meet your Client’s end of year purchasing needs!  

With the approach of end of year festivities, businesses are challenged with meeting customers’ demand.  Thanks to Ovamba, businesses can purchase enough inventories to meet their client’s demands. Ovamba  can also help businesses to fund the cost of customs clearance.

Ovamba saw substantial demand from clients last season, and during the last quarter of 2016 has increased focus on those companies who expressed a need for Ovamba’s support to help them increase their sales and turnover.

“Growth-As-A-Service”®, that’s what Ovamba calls its approach to businesses in Cameroon.  Viola Llewellyn, General Manager and co-founder of Ovamba has put all of the company’s resources and available capital towards dedicated support and funding to businesses with high demand but lack timely capital.


“So far, more than 140 businesses across different sectors have benefited from the services of Ovamba”, said Ms. Llewellyn. This year marks the third year of business in Cameroon.  Acceptance of Ovamba’s innovative approach to funding SMEs is growing as witnessed by the number of new businesses taking advantage of what Ovamba has to offer.  Ms. Llewellyn also added, “Consumable products are in high demand during the Christmas season – we are committed to helping SMEs make this high volume purchase season their most profitable ever.”

If you want your business to have its most successful wholesale/retail holiday season, visit Ovama’s website  For fast service put your purchasing power into the palm of your hand:  download the app, “Ovamba Plus” from the Google App store and start planning your funding and capital requirements from your smart phone or online today!


  • Log on and receive an initial decision within just 60 seconds of registration.
  • If you are pre-approved you will be required to provide additional information about you, your business and financial profile
  • One of Ovamba’s highly trained team members will then follow up in person to help you complete the process
  • Ovamba offers access to funding within 7 days of your successfully approved application*

Let’s get festive, get online now and grow your business at a lightning speed!

*Subject to meeting terms & conditions