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Ovamba has been an award winning pioneer of FinTech and TradeTech innovation since 2013 when co-founders Marvin Cole and Viola Llewellyn launched the company from a kitchen table in Maryland, USA.  The systems and processes that they and the team in Cameroon, USA, Ivory Coast and India have created are deeply rooted in a desire to create wealth and a thriving business ecosystem for Emerging Market Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), especially the under-served and unbanked informal businesses for whom traditional finance is not attainable or suitable. 


Ovamba’s ‘TradeTech’ and ‘Pamoja™ Growth & Performance Systems are used by partner banks to provide their customers with capital for trade, importation, manufacturing and business growth on a non-interest bearing (NIB), risk mitigated basis.  Ovamba is a Policy support to Central Banks providing them with data analytics and technology to support policy initiatives that will lead to reduced Non-Performing Loans (NPLs), strengthen capital markets and ensure a safe, inclusive banking system for all.


It started with an idea….’What if we could create culturally attuned technologies that would improve business ecosystems and harness the ambitions of business owners in emerging markets?  Imagine a world where our innovations were so effective that businesses became world class at running their shops, factories, warehouses or family businesses.  If we could do this then these businesses would have no trouble generating real, sustainable transferable wealth, and Africa in particular will finally solve its own challenges.’  This is what Co-founders Marvin Cole and Viola Llewellyn were thinking in 2013, and Prashant Mahajan joined as Co-founder in 2015 to make this happen.  The Delaware registered company started operations in Douala, Cameroon in 2014, the rest, they say is history!




Creating sustainable wealth for Africans is at the heart of what drives Ovamba to find new, effective ways to bring digital transformation to the more than 450 million emerging market SMBs and the banks which serve them.  Using trade, inventory finance and supply chain management to bridge the gaps in emerging market business ecosystems and the rest of the world is what our technologies are most effective at. 

OVAMBA’s mission is to be the most effective innovator of digital solutions for financial institutions and central banks across all emerging and frontier markets. Ovamba wants to help these institutions deliver financial inclusion, access to capital and promote economic growth for all of the small and medium businesses in these regions on a risk mitigated basis.

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